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Fancy a wood burning stove but not sure if it’s suitable for your room?

This is a question that we get asked frequently. So, we thought we’d give you some hints and tips, should you be thinking of installing a wood burner.

The first step would be to examine the room size. A rough guide for heat requirement is height x width x depth in metres, divided by 14.  This will give you a kilowatt guide but does not take into account radiators already present.

Most people don’t need more than a 5kw multifuel stove in an average room. If you should choose to have more than 5kw, you will need to have a permanently open air vent (which can be very draughty in winter). You would also be required to have a CO detector in the room.

An alternative would be to have a gas stove installed.  This will, on average, give a 4kw heat output, with the option to turn the stove down if the room gets too hot.  Gas still remains the lowest cost fuel option, it’s cleaner than wood or coal, and has flexibility in heat control. It’s also worth bearing in mind that many houses are very well insulated with uPVC windows, have efficient central heating and no draughts from floor boards.

Another option would be an electric stove.  The heat is already present in the room, so many people only the lighting effect without the need for heat, albeit most electric stoves have a 2kw fan blower on demand, should you need it.

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