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Can you guess the Gadget?

Apparently Holly and Phil on ITV’s This Morning 5th February, were unable to name this particular gadget.


Scroll down.........

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It is in fact a Chimney Balloon!

The Chimney balloon is a simple and effective way of blocking chimneys when not in use, and a must-have for every energy conscious home.  It stops warm air going up your chimney and draughts coming back down.   Your room will instantly feel warmer, and for very little outlay, plus saves on heating bills too!

You can leave the chimney balloon in place for years, or until you next wish to use your fire, then just deflate it and store it until next time it is needed.

Chimney Balloons are becoming increasingly popular, and are now available to buy at the Hertfordshire Fireplace Gallery.

Available in the following sizes:

Small:       Lined Chimney One 
9x9 inches
(23x23 cm)

        Small Chimney
 15x9 inches
(38x23 cm)

        Price: £22.99

 Medium:  Lined Chimney Two 
12x12 inches
(31x31 cm)

Medium Chimney 
24x12 inches
(60x30 cm)

Price:  £24.99

 Large:      Large Chimney
 36x15 inches
(90x38 cm)

Price:  £27.99

 Other sizes available to order:         up to 8ftx3ft

A mouth inflation tube is recommended.

Ventilation - The balloon’s unique shape should leave small air gaps in the corners, allowing ventilation in the chimney, and avoiding build up of damp.

Safety - The balloon is completely safe should a fire be lit while the balloon is still in place, as it will quickly shrink, allowing fumes to escape up the chimney.  The bag is unlikely to burn if it remains in the chimney, and the handgrip is made from safe, non-combustible plastic.

Measuring your chimney for a Chimney Balloon

This is quite an easy exercise.  Measure your chimney about a foot or so up the chimney flue.  You will need the side-to-side and the front-to-back measurements of the inside of the flue.  Approximate measurements are all that is needed and choose the Chimney Balloon of the appropriate size or slightly larger than your chimney.

Illustration how to fit the Chimney Balloon


The chimney balloon would normally be placed 1' to 2' above the fireplace opening, depending on your type of chimney and size of chimney balloon.  The smallest parallel section is the best position.  A full instruction sheet is provided with every balloon.


For full details on measuring your chimney and installing a chimney balloon go to

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