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Contemporary Fireplaces

When we are asked to envision a fireplace, we are almost always guaranteed to think about an old fashioned one. The big stone fireplace with a decorative hearth and fire guard as well as a marble mantelpiece, maybe even with some brickwork around the side… the vision is very specific and very fitting to an 18th Century mansion. These types of fireplace were extremely popular in the past and sill are today purely and simply because they can provide an excellent focal point for a living room that does not revolve around a widescreen TV. However, it does not have to be so. You do have other options if you are considering having a fireplace in your home, with the contemporary fireplace being one of the most popular choices.

Contemporary fireplaces come in a whole variety of guises. The majority of them are designed to be minimalist as a result of the recent fashion trend that swept the developed world. Minimalist contemporary fireplaces are designed to reflect the individual tastes of those that do not want big ostentatious fireplaces in their home. Many people do not want to have to clean them or tend to them, as is required of the more traditional fireplaces. This is why they do not have a hearth. Instead, they are often mounted on the wall and are set flat against it.

Whilst contemporary fireplaces do not have the open fire appeal that traditional fireplaces do, they have the ability to light up the room and radiate heat nevertheless. As such, they still have universal appeal. They can also be made especially for you to fit your own dimensions. The availability of bespoke contemporary fireplaces also means that you can have almost any shade and colouring that you like so it will fit into your existing decoration or your planned decoration if you are giving your room an overhaul. If course, you can buy a set design and have it installed for you if you already like one. It is entirely up to you!

Contemporary fireplaces are widely available and all of the above features and reasons for their popularity mean that they will continue to be popular into the future. As such, if you are thinking about having a fireplace installed or getting rid of your existing one to make way for a new one then they may be right up your street!

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